For Papers:

All accepted papers will be published in one of the following journals (MyCite or Scopus Indexed), depending on the scope and quality of the papers. Additional fees are required for submission to the Scopus journal and subject to acceptance by the publisher’s editorial team.

List of potential journals:

1) Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) – Scopus

2) International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology (IJSCET) – Scopus

3) Online Journal for TVET Practitioners (OJ-TP) – MyCite

4) Built Environment Journal (BEJ) – MyCite

5) GADING Journal for Social Sciences (GADINGSS) – MyCite

6) Journal of Project Management Practice (JPMP) – MyCite


For Posters:

Poster Publication IConBEE2024:

Extended Abstract Proceedings – eISBN / eISSN